Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ring Slings!

Something I have been making for a few months now....Ring Slings! I got a ring sling while I was still pregnant with Brandt and after he was born, I loooooooooooooooved (and still do) carrying him in my sling! He loves it, too! So, I decided that I wanted in every color, to match I made myself a couple more. Well! I would get stopped every time I was out with him in his sling - "where did you get that??? where can I get one???", etc., etc. So I decided to start making them for other people and now I have a little business!

I am having so much fun making slings for people - I get so excited to see them use it and love it!

The pattern block is over!

I'm currently working on a sweet little outfit for Brandt's baby dedication coming up next Sunday - I was at JoAnn's the other day picking up some transfer paper for an order of onesies I was working on and completely on a whim I decided to grab a pattern for something to make for Brandt to wear for his dedication. And much to my delight, all of JoAnn's clearance fabric was an additional 50% off! I found some really nice, dressy, satiny (so not a word!) navy material that was something like $1.62/yard after the discount! Yaaayyy! (I love, love, love a good bargain!)
I've never been a fan of patterns - I'm more of a "wing it and hope for the best" kind of seamstress, but I decided to just buckle down and figure it out...and it worked!!! I have finished the outfit and now I am having his monogram embroidered on the front - so I will post pics once I have it back. I'm so excited for him to wear it! I hope he doesn't puke on it!

Mommy's Little Man

This project was so exciting to me! You see.....I have always had a sewing maching (my Mom and Dad purchased for me shortly after I got married in '95) and I've done a few things through the years - made Corley's crib bedding, made some skirts, made some curtains, etc., etc. - but I've always thought to myself "when I have a little girl someday, that's when I'll get really serious about sewing!" know, because little girls are so much fun to dress up and make frilly little things for. So....since I keep having boys (ha!), I had to come up with something I could make for my boys! I was tired of waiting on that little girl! :)

I love, love, love hats (especially on my boys) and I have always wanted to learn how to make a hat! I finally decided I would just take apart a little hat of Brandt's and see how it was made!

It worked!



A New Passion

I've always known that I enjoy being "crafty" with this and that, scrapbooking, etc. - but lately I've discovered that I really have a passion for sewing! I'm having so much fun making things! I've decided I will cronicle my sewing journey here - may just be for my own journaling purposes, but if I happen to pick up a few "window shoppers" along the way, that would be awesome too! goes...............

I'm kicking myself that I didn't grab a before picture - these little shoes were made from a shirt I picked up at the Goodwill for $1! I love the way they turned out!