Monday, November 5, 2007

Our boys

These two boys are the loves of our lives! Corley, 7 years old in this picture, is shy and caring and has such a wild imagination! His favorite things right now include Star Wars, army guys, Xbox, pirates, transformers, art projects, building fires, swimming, animals and countless other things - but these are some of the tops. Dallon, 6 months old in this picture, is a firecracker! He is very social - loves to wave "hi" and "bye" to anyone and everyone he sees. He loves football and Elmo! He is into everything all the time - doesn't sit still for a minute! He's so funny and very affectionate. He is more of a daddy's boy and Corley was and is more of a mommy's boy. Dallon is crazy about his PaPa Robinson and PaPa Corley. Both of my boys are also head over heals for their Uncle Derek - who they simply call "Uncle". And this works out just fine since PJ is an only child and I just have one brother - he will always be their one and only. Corley is so much like Derek, it's scary - he is into all the same stuff that Derek was as a kid, except for sports just yet - but I'm sure Derek will be working to change that!

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